Web Development for Kids

This course is designed to introduce kids how internet works and how to build a static web page. This is an introduction course for students who have no prior programming experience and knowledge in web development.

Course Structure

16 session x 1.5 hours Recommeded age 12-17

Learning Outcomes

Students learn how internet works behind the scene. Such web hosting, IP addresses, DNS and internet protocols. By understand how web technologies work, web pages & would not seem like a black box to them.

Learn how to develop a website using HTML & CSS from scratch, the two core technologies of World Wide Web. HTML & CSS are easiest language to learn and important for building any modern web based application. Students can see the outcome of their code running on any browsers giving them visual feedback of their creation.

Learn how to use popular framework to create modern web page used by professionals in the IT industry.

Coding writing using #1 choice of tool used by professional programmers in the world instead of educational tool. Students able to carry learnt skill sets even to industrial environment.

What You Will Need

  • Laptop

Learn by hands on building beautiful website