Web Development with HTML & CSS

Learn how to develop a website using HTML & CSS from scratch, the two core technologies of the World Wide Web. HTML & CSS are the easiest languages to learn and important for building any modern web-based application. Students can see the outcome of their code running on any browser giving them visual feedback of their creation.

About Program

60 minutes class
10 - 17 years old
~18 sessions
Class Preparation
  • Laptop / PC
  • Stable Internet Connection


HTML & CSS are the core technologies of web pages. HTML provides the structure of the page, CSS the (visual and aural) layout, for a variety of devices. Apart from web pages, it's used in also used in mobile app development, and web-based game development.


web example
Created by Ayesha (Year9)
Aspiration International Secondary School


HTML Structure & Syntax
Learn the syntax of HTML and some of the most commonly used HTML elements in modern web development.
  • doctype
  • html
  • head
  • body
  • h1 - h6
  • p
  • br
  • ul, ol, li
  • img
  • a
  • div
  • video

CSS Structure & Syntax
Learn the modern way of doing front-end design with CSS. Build modern user interface with plain CSS and popular CSS frameworks.
Use common CSS selectors to modify elements
Understand CSS box model
Create modern layouts using Flexbox and Grid

CSS Framework - Bulma
Bulma is a free, open source framework that provides ready-to-use frontend components that you can easily combine to build responsive web interfaces.
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