Mobile App Development

This class is designed to introduce students to the concept of programming and leads them to develop mobile applications using MIT App Inventor. App Inventor for Android is an open-source web application originally provided by Google and now maintained by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

About Program

60 minutes class
8 - 12 years old
~24 sessions
Class Preparation:
  • Download MIT App Inventor (AppStore) / MIT AI2 Companion (Playstore) in mobile device
  • Install Zoom / Chrome browser in laptop / PC
  • Gmail / pre logged-in chrome browser
  • Stable internet connection


Students will learn the core concepts in programming such as variable, conditionals, iteration, function, etc using block-based programming Blockly. These concepts are applicable across all programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, Java, and C. With these skills, students can easily move from block-based programming to text-based programming. More importantly, students apply what they learn to create mobile applications. This gives them the capability to become creators instead of consumers.

Axiata Girls Coding Challenge 2021

We carry out mobile dev course for Axiata's Girls Coding Challenge 2021, guiding 50+ young graduates to build their mobile app prototype using Blockly.
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Learn programming concepts such as variables, conditionals, loops, lists, and functions using Blockly. Students use our interactive learning system to learn at their own pace.
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Students will build 6+ mobile applications using all the programming concepts they learned.
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