Interactive Web Development
with JavaScript

This course is designed to teach students building interactive website using JavaScript. JavaScript is a high-level scripting language that is used to build many modern application. With knownledge in JavaScript, students easily adopt to any other programming languages

Course Structure

24 session x 1.5 hours Requires knowledge in HTML & CSS Recommeded age 14-18

Learning Outcomes

  • Familiar with text-based programming language such as JavaScript
  • Write complex application with DOM Manipulation
  • Work with common tools used in modern development process such as terminal, git and open source library
  • Learn the process of professional application development

What You Will Need

  • Laptop

Check out our example projects on Github


On Demand Classes

Focused Group

Small group class with min 3 to max 5 students. Students get to learn closely with instructor and catered for their learning pace.

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Normal Group

Minimmum 10 students to start class. Venue can be in any suitable location or in our center at Sunsuria Forum @ Setia Alam.

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